Maritime Archaeology

Ancient and modern shipwrecks, aircrafts’ wrecks dated back to WWI & II, submerged settlements and ancient ports’ ruins compose a principal segment of cultural heritage, the one of maritime archaeology.

Maritime Cultural Heritage has been one research field of outmost importance and interest for UFR team the last two decades. The UFR Team has supported numerous underwater archaeology expeditions and still remains basic partner of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, the Hellenic Institute of Maritime Archaeology, the Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research, KORSEAI, as well as partner within research projects with the National Technical University of Athens, the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and The Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography Laboratory of Patras University.

Within the multidisciplinary frame of maritime archaeological projects, UFR team’s contribution:

  • Underwater surveys & localization of points of interest
  • Underwater archaeological excavations
  • Geometric documentation (surveying and photogrammetric documentation, 3D reconstructions)
  • Visual data collection (underwater photography & video)
  • Production of promotive media for maritime archaeological projects
  • Production of historical & archaeological documentaries
  • Scientific writing & publishing