UFR Team’s photogrammetric services are not connected exclusively with underwater applications, but also for land ones. Years of professional experience, high education level of team members, as well as state of the art documentation equipment, are UFR’s disciplines for integrated mapping solutions, from data acquisition with the use of aerial or land means, till the processing and delivery of photogrammetric products of high accuracy and resolution.

Photogrammetric Services & Products

  • UAV imagery
  • Aerial- & Photo-Triangulation of big data
  • Production of Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital City Models (DCM)
  • Production of image-textured 3D models
  • Creation of orthophotomosaics
  • Stereodigitization of photogrammetric models
  • 2D vector maps
  • Creation of elevation data (contour lines, spot heights)
  • Area & Volume Calculations
  • Monitoring (through inspection and 3D reconstruction) of construction sites’ processes & cultural heritage projects (archaeological excavation process tracking)