• Shore approaches processes
  • Driving the cable in the well (Beach ManHole)
  • Cable installation and protection means inside a dumbbell, with the use of proper tools (trencher, saw, wheel, waterjetting, etc.)
  • Shielding of the cable with cast iron shells, shield-covering with the use of cement blocks or seabed anchors
  • Cables’ repairs (reconnections, lifting of injured parts for replacement, shielding of existing structures)


  • According to the specifications derived by the construction study
  • Setting the pipeline on seabed or burying it in a pit
  • Protection means of the pipeline through cement blocks, natural boulders or cement mortars
  • Cables’ repairs (leakages, partial replacements, shielding and protection of existing structures)

Marine Constructions

  • Collaborations with Marine Construction Industry companies and Technical Services of Port Organizations and Authorities
  • Underwater inspections of port facilites (Commercial Ports, Marinas, Docks, Fishing Refuges, Floating Piers)
  • Laying of cement blocks, geotextile, gravel layers, concrete & treatment of oversized joints.