E.U.A. Poliegos Wreck

Video of the preliminary research on the classical wreck from the Island Poliegos, S. Cyclades.

In November of 2009, a team of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, under the supervision of Archaeologists George Koutsouflakis and Elias Spondilis, were undertaking an underwater preliminary survey of the sea around the Island Poliegos in the S. Cycladean islands, for the exact determination of an ancient wreck point that was discovered in 2004 by sponge fishermen Mr. Anastasios Fragos and Nikolaos Tsabounaris, residents of Kalimnos. The aforementioned sponge divers had discovered the wreck during their fishing expeditions. The wreck was discovered on a rocky declining plateau at a depth of 49 meters and 200 meters away from the adjacent land, on the East coast of Poliegos Island. This point is close to a nearby reef, which is exposed to Northerly winds and even today poses a risky passage for seafarers.

The ancient ship was laden with ancient amphoras, which today lay in two major concentrations, the first at a depth of 25-28 meters and the second at a depth of 35-43 meters. Around this circumference, a plethora of individual ceramic finds are found up to the depth of 49 meters.

Duration: 6.30 min
Format: High Definition 16:9
Language: Greek
Producer: UFR-Team
Production: Εφορεία Εναλίων Αρχαιοτήτων / ΥΠ.ΠΟ.Τ.


Archaelogists: Elias Spondilis, Giorgos Koutsouflakis, Athanasios Stathis
Scientific Divers: Petros Tsabourakis, Loudovikos Mersenie
Underwater Photography-Videography: Vasilis Mentogiannis
Sound and Imaging Production: Nikos Konitsiotis
Production: Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2009