An incredibly unique story from WWII British submarine that was lost near Cephalonia Island with only one survivor…

The research was conducted by the Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography Laboratory of Patra’s University, the UFR team and Aquatic Dive Center, within the framework of the programme ETCP Greece – Italy 2007 – 2013 interdisciplinary Aquaria for the Promotion of Environment and History (APREH).


Director: Antonis Delaportas

Executive Producers: Giorgos Ferentinos, Vasilis Mentogiannis, Antonis Delaportas

Illustrator: Panagiotis Rappas

Narrator: Theodora Siarkou

Director of Photography: Anastasis Agathos

Underwater Filming: Anastasis Agathos, Vasilis Mentogiannis, Makis Sotiropoulos

Script: Antonis Delaportas, Koralia Tsonga, Giannis Tsourounakis

Script Supervisors: Giorgos Ferentinos, Panagiotis Rappas, Vasilis Mentogiannis

Film Editing: Antonis Delaportas

Sound Design: Thomas Karamazakis

Sound Editing – Titles: Αntonis Delaportas

Research Team: George Ferentinos, George Papatheodorou, Maria Geraga, Dimitris Christodoulou, Elias Fakiris, Margarita Iatrou, Stavroula Kordella

Research Associates: Vasilis Mentogiannis, Makis Sotiropoulos

Post Production Studio: Genesis M. Productions

Producer: Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography Laboratory of Patra’s University

Production: Genesis M. Productions 2015©


Duration: 17 min

Format: High Definition 16:9

Language: Greek

Subtitles: English

Awards & Festivals

  • Underwater cultural archaeology prize @ 10th International Symposium of Archaeological Documentary AGON (Athens, 2016)