Underwater – Coastal

UFR Team has collected significant experience in the fields of geometric documentation of numerous objects, either below the sea level or above, at coastal zones. Such complicated, in terms of increased requirements and difficulty, mapping applications are carried out with the implementation of combined modern geodetic and photogrammetric methods, by the specialized, scientifically and technically, people of the team and definitely, with the use of state-of-the-art technological means.


  • Port Facilities
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Marine Constructions (Pipelines, Cables, Bridges, Wind Turbines etc)
  • Diving Parks


  • 2D & 3D maps of seabed, shoreline and infrastructure
  • 3D Digital Models of seabed, shoreline and infrastructure
  • Localization and mapping of extended areas of marine life (as pre-required for the conduct of marine constructions surveys)
  • Hydrographic data acquisition and creation of hydrographic maps in collaboration with the company VRT Finland, specialized in underwater structural inspections using patented inventions in Multibeam Sonar, 3D-Measurement and Imaging Technology.
  • Monitoring of places of interest
  • Combination of several 2D or 3D documentation datasets