UFR Team is specialized for over 20 years in professional diving services, undertaking numerous underwater projects in a wide range of fields, from construction engineering industry to documentation of underwater cultural heritage.

The team is following all high standards in technical diving, in terms of efficiency and safety, fully equipped with decompression chamber, mixed gases compressor, full face masks supported by intercommunication system and direct transmission of image, surface air supply, underwater vehicles, integrated underwater documentation set and all necessary state-of-the-art equipment, that supports underwater services.

Concerning underwater construction industry, the team has carried out projects, such as laying and bending underwater pipes and cables, inspections, documentation of shipwrecks, ports, pipes, cables or anchorages, geophysical surveys and studies of development and management of diving parks for the evolution of diving tourism in Greek and Mediterranean seas.

Furthermore, UFR focuses on a vast array of mapping services, through underwater, land and aerial means. Bathymetric surveys, photogrammetric mapping, 3D reconstructions and production of 2D and 3D maps, of a wide plethora of objectives, are projects of outmost scientific importance for the team.

Among UFR Team‘s main interests, is the documentation of underwater cultural heritage, thus supporting maritime archaeological researches with filming, photo shooting, excavating, surveying and mapping of sites.

Documentaries & productions of UFR team, related to archaeological and historical surveys as well as underwater life, have been awarded by international associations.