Hellenic Institute of Maritime Archaeology

The Institute of  H.I.M.A. was  founded in August of 1973 by Nikos Tsouxlos, Peter Throckmorton, George Papathanasopoulos, Charalabos Kritzas and other friends of archaelogical research. HIMA is a non profit, scientific organisation, of private justice.

Its main purpose, within this context, is the organisation and advancement of underwater archaeological research in Greece.  In the 36 years of its’ creative pursuits, it has undertaken important research, educational work and many publications, that cover most fields of Greek nautical history and underwater archaeology.  Today, the institute counts 150 members (including the ones from abroad), who are scientists and technicians from various fields, all specialised in the field of underwater maritime archaeological research.  The Institute cooperates with important  scientists and international bodies, along with the Underwater Antiquities Office which is under the Ministry of Culture, and generally with many organizations that work on naval history and underwater archaeology.

In the framework of its scientific documentation and outreach to the scientific community and the general public, the Institute  publishes, since 1989, the periodical «Enalia». This magazine is the only of its kind in Greece and  one of the few in the world, dealing specifically with Maritime Archaeology.  The Institute keeps a vital photographic record and  a specialised  library with approximately 3.500 titles of books and periodicals.



Duration: 10.17min
Format: High Definition 16:9
Language: Greek
Producer: UFR-Team
Production: I.EN.A.E.


Creative consultant – Sound and picture manipulation: Nikos Konitsiotis

Scientific advisor: Mirto Mixalis

Camera-Director: Vasilis Mentogiannis
Production: H.I.M.A 2009