Seahorse, Stratoni

November, 2007. Vasilis Mentogiannis, commercial diver, has undertaken an underwater inspection, supervised by the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, for a marine construction project at Stratoni mine in Chalkidiki, northern Greece. 

“On completion of our underwater inspection at the port “Porto”, we thought of continuing our underwater discovery and ascend while passing from a particular stream, named “Argiro”. All of a sudden, a seahorse appears in front of  us. Even if I counted thousands of hours underwater, I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm. After a couple of minutes, we were in front of an unexpected seahorses population…It was something unique.”

Vasilis Mentogiannis, commercial diver

This rare phenomenon intrigues the diver, who returns to the spot a few months later…

A team of experienced divers and scientists are currently conducting a new scientific documentary for the two species of hippocampus that are found in Greek seas. The scientific supervising of the documentary is carried out by the Hellenic Center of Marine Research. The documentary is a co-production of UFR team, OTE TV and HCMR, under the sponsorship of Central Macedonia Administration and Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism.