A steam engine paddle ship in the bottom of Kea Island.

On the 10th of May, 2008, the shootings for the documentary “Patris”, which had begun in October 2006, were completed while the preproduction lasted for more than two years.

The documentary refers to the historic steam engine paddle ship “Patris”, which sank in 1868.

It is a unique shipwreck (-55 metres at its deepest) perhaps in all the Mediterranean Sea, possibly in Europe, too. The reason that makes it unique is the particularity of this type of boats, which used wheels for their movement. It was manufactured at a time before the discovery of the screw propeller, when most ships were made of wood.

This particular boat was one of very few made of metal and for this reason it is preserved until today. It was a luxurious vessel that had a paddle-wheel steam engine but also had sails. It was property of “Hellenic Steam Navigation”, the first coastal shipping company that was founded in Greece.

During (the shootings of) the documentary one of its two, 14 to 16 tons, wheels as well as other finds were hoisted from a depth of 52 metres and were all exhibited in a special wing, which is created for this purpose in the Museum of Industrial Heritage of Syros.

Both of the two royal cannons that were hauled up from the shipwreck are of particular interest.

The operation was a collaboration of the Museum of Industrial Heritage of Syros, subordinate to the Municipality of Syros and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism, the National Institution of Research, the Department of Underwater Antiquities and the Underwater Filming Research (UFR) diving team.  

The documentary is a co-production of E.R.T. (Hellenic Television) with the production company “TEXNIS”.

Extended Summary of the documentary

Awards & Festivals

The documentary “Patris” was chosen to compete in the International Film and Video Festival, organized by The Archaeology Channel that took place on 18 with May 22, 2010, in the Soreng Theater, Hult Center for the Performing Arts, in Eugene, Oregon, United States – America.

TAC Festival is a leading world competition. 100 movies entered the festival, from 32 different countries, but only the top 19 among them were screened. “Patris Lost in 1868” documentary has been given the Best Film award, the Best Cinematography award and other honors.

  • Special screening at the Greek Documentary Festival DocFest, Chalkida 2009
  • New York Ιndependent Film & Video Festival, September 2008
  • Documentary projection at the new department of the Industrial Museum of Syros, named Patris

Duration: 63min 27sec Format: High Definition 16:9  Language: Greek  Subtitles: English


Director: Vasilis Mentogiannis, Giorgos Nikolaidis
Scientific Supervisor: Vasilis Panagiotopoulos 
Historical Research – Script: Vasilis Mentogiannis 
Narration: Giannis Politakis
Director of Photography: Nikos Konitsiotis 
Original Soundtrack: Antonis Delaportas
Production Manager: Phaedra Manousakidou
Producer: Giannis Makridis
Executive Producer: Kostas Spyropoulos

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