The first Minoan Wreck

4.000 years after

«Minos is the first to whom tradition ascribes the possession of a navy. He made himself master of a great part of what is now termed the Hellenic Seas.» 

                                                                                            Thucydides, Book 1,4

Minoan ships, with which the mythical King of Crete, Minos, along with the people of Crete dominated Aegean Sea, where considered “ghost ships” for underwater archaeology research, for more than half a century.
Pious hope and an unfulfilled dream for a whole generation of researchers, they remained stubbornly hidden, retaining their secrets for 4000 years.


Creta, Mirabello Bay, July 2005. Archaeologist Dr. Elpida Chatzidaki, along with a specialized diving team, investigates the underwater terrain around the Island of Psira. At a depth of 44 meters, they come across a «time capsule», a group of finds for which time stopped, 40 centuries ago. Everything points to an amazing discovery: the first Minoan Wreck has come to light.
This is a pilot production, whose purpose is to support the creation of a full length documentary. The movie is a result from  archive scientific materials.


Duration: 21.5 min
Format: DV cam 4:3
Language: Greek 
Παραγωγή: UFR-Team


Director: George Nikolaidis
Montage: Aris Triandafillou
Final editing: Nikos Konitsiotis
Camera-Underwater Camera: Niki Mardner, Vasilis Mentogiannis
Production: UFR-Team